Saturday, March 21, 2009

Eminent Domain Law

The unbridled power of Eminent Domain law is a threat indeed to the liberty and freedom of the common man in America. It hangs like a sword of Damocles on many a heads who do not know who exactly would be its next victim.

The psychological fear of ‘now you own it now you don’t’ can leave many emotionally and economically shattered. This uncertainty robs the property of its charm and the owner of his peace of mind. Since the case of Kelo v. City of New England, 545 U.S. 469 (2005)[1], Eminent Domain law has become exceedingly powerful and dangerous. It has become very much susceptible to grave misuse.

This law indeed strikes at the very roots of the foundation of America that guarantees its citizens right to freedom and property. One’s property, be it home or business can never be weighed in terms of money alone. One’s emotional bond and sense of belonging with one’s home or property truly sustain life itself. Any forced eviction or exodus, that too over a flimsy cause, can never be justified or forgiven. As such, imagine the torture of living under the constant fear that the next door bell you may answer may very well be the Expropriation notice!

The fact that there is no escaping from this unjust law, the knowledge that either you surrender in front of Eminent Domain law or face the music can leave many wondering whether we live in a civilized world or a banana republic where facts can be fudged and false cases can be slapped against innocent people to force them to fall in line.

It is high time that citizens gird up its loins and assert its democratic right to vehemently protest against the misuse of a draconian law like Eminent Domain law. The government evidently seems to be hand in gloves with big businessmen and unscrupulous property developers who are allowed to uproot and evict any innocent man from his or her property in the name of ‘common or public good’.

It is terrifying to note that the property you bought with the sweat of your brow and of which you were genuinely proud of could be snatched away by avaricious ogres in no time with the help of Eminent Domain law. A law that doesn’t serve the public good is indeed no law indeed for sure!

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